Together We Will

  • Uncover your true identity that is bursting to come out.

  • Find harmony and fulfilment in your life.

  • Feel more in control of your own direction.

  • Be excited about the future.

  • Prioritize yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

  • Quiet your inner critic and have more self-belief.

  • Give up behaviours and patterns that hold you back from creating the life you want to live.

  • Discover and plan a career you love, based around your unique talents, values and life.

  • Connect with like minded people and create relationships that fill you with joy.


We have three options for working together:

Individual Coaching 

Individual coaching sessions are focused on getting to the core of your true identity, whilst maximising the opportunity for change. This is your time to get the life that you want; to work through the changes going on in your life and make and commit to a plan of action. Held via skype or telephone; individual sessions work to integrate with your life and many commitments.

The Village – Group Coaching Circles

Group coaching takes place between four to eight women and occurs fortnightly. It is a place of support, connection and understanding where everyone is trying to finding their true identity and self in this world. The Village is a wonderful place to expand your support network.

Maternity Leave Coaching

Individual coaching sessions take place before, during and upon return from maternity leave and help ease the fear, confusion and insecurities that many women face while going on maternity leave. They complement and aid the handover process and alleviate the uncertainty many women feel of how they will remain connected whilst on maternity leave.

“Coaching has provided me with paths that I never thought were possible.  I have progressed and developed in my career and have a clear pathway to meet my future goals.  Carly was able to relate and adapt to any situation we discussed. “

Melanie Vella