Individual Coaching

“We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change.”

Sheryl Sandberg

When you find your true identity you feel a sense of peace within yourself. Living your true identity fills your life and makes you feel vibrant again.

Have you ever had the moment where you’ve thought “who am I?” “What is my identity now?” “I want more than just the life I’m living now”?

In your individual coaching session your needs will be taken care of at every turn, by someone who’s been there and believes in the power of identity. In this personal and confidential space you will dig beneath the layers to find your true self and your true identity.  You are not just a mum, an employee, partner or friend. You are so much more than that. Together we will find who the real person is on the inside.

Walking this path with strong women like you, looking to reconnect with their authentic self is what I love to do.

How do these sessions work?

I know that you already have a lot of commitment and pressures on your time, for that reason sessions occur at a time that works for both of us and are conducted over skype or telephone. Each session runs for 60 minutes.

I offer a free 30 minute introductory coaching session where we discuss your needs and determine whether coaching is the right option for you.

I require a three month commitment, as this ensures we can really dig beneath the layers to your truth and make lasting change. For most people this three month commitment reflects two sessions per month, but we will work out what is best for you.

Between sessions I am available on email or phone and will share any resources relevant to your journey. You will also have the option to participate in our women’s group coaching circle ‘The Village’; where you will connect with other likeminded women to network and support each other on your journeys.

Packages include:

  • Six coaching sessions over three months (two sessions per month). This includes a reduced rate of 50% to join The Village Women’s Coaching Circle.

  • Nine coaching sessions over six months (or however you choose to use them). This includes free participation in The Village.


Cost is $150 per session for the standard rate to be paid monthly or $135 per session if you pay upfront and book for six sessions or more.


To book a coaching session or to set up a time for your free introductory coaching session, please email me at


“Carly has a very open, inclusive and empathetic listening style that makes it very easy to get involved in the coaching process quickly and easily. The coaching process was invaluable to my development and planning for future career growth. Carly’s knowledge, skills and experience complement her personality to make her a terrific coach.”

Andrew Marshall

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