Maternity Coaching

“Be strong enough to stand along, smart enough to know when you need help and brave enough to ask for it.”

Mark Amend

Are you in the lead up to your maternity leave? Would you like to have someone to walk the journey with you?  To uncover the questions, the challenges, the concerns that come from this huge life change that is about to happen? To share the impact that it is going to have on your identity as well as the huge joy and excitement that lies beneath it. I will guide you through the stages of maternity leave so that you will feel empowered, assured and at peace whilst you enjoy this special time for you and your family.

Or maybe you are part of an organisation, you have people that are immensely valuable and you want to support them as they transition into this next stage by helping them feel truly supported, truly understood and truly valued?

What’s covered in the coaching sessions?

  • Fears, insecurities and challenges of going on maternity leave.

  • Expectations regarding engagement whilst on maternity leave and expectations upon return.

  • Engagement at your discretion whist on maternity leave: that tricky time when there is a lot of uncertainty as to how contact should take place whilst on leave.

  • Handover – clearly defining a handover plan with replacement and working through any challenges which come up.

  • Challenges, fears and confusion whilst transitioning back into the workplace.


How it works:

Sessions will commence before you leave for maternity leave, with the remainder occurring whilst you are on, and when you return from maternity leave.

Sessions to take place via skype or telephone, whilst the initial session has the option of face to face. Your coach will be available via phone or email between sessions and will share any resources relevant.

Six session packages cost $810. This includes six one hour individual coaching sessions.


For further information or to book maternity leave coaching, please contact me at or on 0431 376 717. I’m happy to come to you to discuss your organisation’s needs.


“Carly is incredibly passionate, personable and above all, completely in tune with my reality and where I need to go to get to my goals.”

Catherine Roberts

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