The Village – Group Coaching Circles

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.”  

Jane Howard


What is a women’s coaching circle? It is a group of women to lean on, learn from, and confide in.

You know that feeling when you catch up with a likeminded friend, who listens, champions, cheerleads, mirrors and supports? Now imagine a whole group of these women, who are going through something similar to you at the same time.

The Village is a safe space where we can embark on an exploratory journey together.

As humans we are designed for connection; we yearn to be understood, be heard, be connected and be worthy. We want to know that we are not alone. In The Village Coaching Circle we create a safe, supportive and ongoing community that you can join from the comfort of your own home.

How amazing would it feel to show up and completely be yourself? How much more will you learn about who you are, as you immerse yourself in the wisdom and compassion of The Village?

How does it work?

Coaching Circles run fortnightly for three months. Groups will consist of between four to eight women who are trying to find their identity and true self in the world. The Village is about expanding your support network and finding a group of people that will support, challenge and understand you long after our group sessions end.

Each fortnight I will email you some key questions to act as a guide when we all come together. My role is to act as a coach and guide as we create a safe online space for everyone to self-reveal and articulate who they really are and what matters to them.

Sessions run for approximately 90 minutes, with everyone dialling in to an online central number to share their insights and stories.

There will also be a facebook group set up specifically for your coaching circle. This is an important part of building your ongoing Village slowly, carefully and sustainably. Naturally our rules of engagement revolve around opinions and different views are expressed thoughtfully and always with a view to support, champion and encourage one another.

Cost: The Village includes 12 group coaching sessions at $30 per session, which can be paid in monthly instalments of $60 per month, or paid upfront at a discounted rate of $310 for all 12 sessions.


  • Fortnightly/monthly 90 minute group coaching session.

  • A private facebook group to connect with daily (or as you please) – Your Village is there for you day and night.

  • My love and support in the facebook group, where I will be helping you get to the core of your truth.

  • Fortnightly reflection topics.

  • My book or reading recommendations.

Join a Village Coaching Circle and build your village.


“Carly has helped me realize the opportunities available to me and given me confidence to increase my knowledge and skills.”

Gabrielle Mazza

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