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My name is Carly Hawkins and I am a coach, teacher, facilitator, guide, partner, mother and friend.

I walk with people on their path to find their true identity, in whatever form that takes.

Long before I became a coach I always believed my purpose was to help people be the best they could be. But to make this purpose a reality and to really feel like I was living this purpose on a daily basis, I needed to find out what my path was. Growing up I was always someone who had faith in my ability to achieve, but a large part of my focus was on competing with men. I was so focused on beating men at their own game that I didn’t stop to think if I even wanted to play. I lost my identity in an environment where achievement was defined by winning. This identity continued for me in my corporate career. As a project manager I was rapidly moving up the corporate chain, managing in the coaching style that I knew inherently worked for me but I was denying and missing out on my feminine power.  It wasn’t until I started to work with an amazing female manager who supported and built up other women, that I found a way for the masculine and feminine within me to sit side by side complimenting each other. My identity could now be whole and not just an element of who I was.

At the same time I was going through my own identity crisis,  I had sought out and found another wonderful woman who challenged my thinking that “I should have” it all sorted out by the time I was thirty. I’d spent the whole of my twenty’s fighting the notion of living a conventional life, thinking that I had all the time in the world. And here I was at thirty, panicking because I didn’t have my life sorted. I wasn’t married with kids and a mortgage; I didn’t have a career that I love and had not travelled enough. Everyone else had it figured out, didn’t they?

I had an epiphany that to truly understand myself and my place in this world I needed to stop fighting myself and embrace who I truly was.

It was so liberating to let go of the identity that I’d felt that I’d needed to have in this world and the pressure to live up to that identity. It also signalled a time in my life when I started being honest with myself and others about what I really wanted. I didn’t want casual relationships or friendships, and whilst I was good at my job, I wanted to find what I really loved.

This was my turning point. This was when I allowed myself to truly get to know the real me. And I was able to form my true identity, as I actually listened.

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In three years I had achieved the five to ten year dreams I had for my life. Cam and I have a beautiful son, Cooper, with another on the way. We travel.  We moved our family to a beautiful home by the beach.  I spend quality time with friends that come and stay for the weekend, and I perform the work that I love. I work with other women who are going through change, be it internal or external, seeking their true identity. This is my true identity.  This is who I am in the world and it’s so liberating to be able to truly embrace it. No longer do I need to question who I am or what I am doing, I can just own it.

I understand that struggle to find and remember who you really are. I help other people on their journey to find their true identity. How do you then apply that identity to your career, your family, your friends and juggling the many hats of motherhood? I will hold the mirror up so you don’t forget that true identity, ensuring you keep it in the front of your mind and discover how to be your true self in every aspect of your life.

I am a qualified personal, business and wellness coach, teacher and facilitator. I use my compassion, empathy, intuition, enthusiasm and abundance of energy, to be the person you need to guide you on your path to finding your unique identity.

Walk with me down the path to find your true identity.

“Carly over delivers on expectations; a coach that actively listens and asks the right questions to trigger a need for change, whilst easing the process mentally and emotionally. I started to benefit from her help immediately and it manifested in me being more adaptable to change; performing well under pressure/stress and actively seeking professional growth opportunities internally and externally.”

Mazen Taleb

About You

“As women, we often become so focused on the things we do or have that we rarely stop to breathe and ask ourselves who we really are…Distinguishing who we are from what we do and have is a powerful exercise in clarifying our identity.”

Christine Hassler

Do you feel you’re living the identity of someone else? Someone that you think you should be? Someone that you are expected to be? Or are you living multiple identities, trying to be all things to all people? What’s your true identity? Who are you beneath all of this?

Whether you are questioning the direction of your life, adjusting to life as a new mum, wanting to find your life career… Whatever stage you’re at in your life that has you struggling with your identity, I am here to help you get clarity and awareness of who you are and what you want, and together we will come up with a plan of how to get it.

  • Maybe your current identity doesn’t feel right.

  • Maybe you’re wearing someone else’s identity and you know it’s time to make a change and you believe that life can be more.

  • Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed or in survival mode trying to keep up with being this person that you’re not.

  • Maybe you’re juggling multiple roles and missing the clarity of thought, focus and productivity that once came so easily when you felt you knew yourself better.

  • Maybe your career doesn’t fulfil you and isn’t an expression of your true identity.

  • Maybe you’re planning a family and want that to be part of your identity and you are trying to think about how your life can feel whole with these multiple elements within it.

I want you to find your true identity and I want that to bring joy, harmony and fulfilment to your life. Together we will help you take control of your identity and feel the power, energy and clarity come back.

Are you ready to uncover your true identity and feel the deep sense of peace that comes from it? Contact me at carly@vibrantfutures.com.au and build your own Vibrant Future.


“Carly is a wonderful coach, more than that she is a wonderful human being. She asks the right questions which help you get your answers. Carly assists you when setting up short and long term goals follows up to ensure you action each step. I loved my coaching sessions with Carly she really helped me, especially with my confidence.”

Duleesha Boteju

Together We Will

  • Uncover your true identity that is bursting to come out.

  • Find harmony and fulfilment in your life.

  • Feel more in control of your own direction.

  • Be excited about the future.

  • Prioritize yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

  • Quiet your inner critic and have more self-belief.

  • Give up behaviours and patterns that hold you back from creating the life you want to live.

  • Discover and plan a career you love, based around your unique talents, values and life.

  • Connect with like minded people and create relationships that fill you with joy.


We have three options for working together:

Individual Coaching 

Individual coaching sessions are focused on getting to the core of your true identity, whilst maximising the opportunity for change. This is your time to get the life that you want; to work through the changes going on in your life and make and commit to a plan of action. Held via skype or telephone; individual sessions work to integrate with your life and many commitments.

The Village – Group Coaching Circles

Group coaching takes place between four to eight women and occurs fortnightly. It is a place of support, connection and understanding where everyone is trying to finding their true identity and self in this world. The Village is a wonderful place to expand your support network.

Maternity Leave Coaching

Individual coaching sessions take place before, during and upon return from maternity leave and help ease the fear, confusion and insecurities that many women face while going on maternity leave. They complement and aid the handover process and alleviate the uncertainty many women feel of how they will remain connected whilst on maternity leave.

“Coaching has provided me with paths that I never thought were possible.  I have progressed and developed in my career and have a clear pathway to meet my future goals.  Carly was able to relate and adapt to any situation we discussed. “

Melanie Vella

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“Only through our connectedness with others can we really know and enhance the self. And only through work on the self can we begin to enhance our connectedness to others.”

Harriet Godhor Lerner


I am only an email or phone call away.

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